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What to expect in terms of facilities and rental conditions.

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A vacation rental in Tuscany differs from vacation accommodation in America, Australia, Canada or the UK - no doubt about that. In fact, that's why you're thinking of coming to stay with us here in Tuscany! Here we provide a few tips on what these differences might be. The overwhelming majority of visitors to Tuscany find their vacation rental accommodations to be excellent. Nevertheless, there are comments on tourism forums that suggest a small number of visitors to Tuscany have suffered due, sometimes, to misplaced expectations. The following tips are to help you know what to anticipate, so that there are no surprises other than wonderfully pleasant ones.

Tuscany vacation rentals
What is a "villa" in Tuscany?
Arrival times, duration of stay and departure times.
Telephones and internet connections.
Electricity, water and natural gas supplies.
- Electricity in Italy.
- Air conditioning in Tuscany.
- Heating a vacation rental in Tuscany.
- Water supply in Tuscany.
Cleaning your Tuscan vacation rental.
- Towels and Linen.
Keys and Security.
- Breakage and Damage.
Food and other Supplies in Tuscany.
Insects, mosquitoes and other "bugs" in Tuscany.
Gardens and terraces in Tuscany.
Swimming pools in Tuscany.
Handicapped accessibility.
- Allergies.
Tourist taxes in Tuscany.
Festivals and events in Tuscany.
Roads and driving in Tuscany.

Accommodation and sights in Tuscany, Italy

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